John Henry is the creator of AccountingLingo.

He has a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), an Undergraduate Degree in Technical Management & a 2nd Undergraduate Degree in Organizational Leadership.  He has worked for 3 fortune 500 companies over the past 20+ years, spending most of his time in finance-related roles.

He is passionate about economics and the various ways in which financial topics affect our lives.

AccountingLingo was created to be a comprehensive resource for:

  • Beginners just learning about finance.


  • Professionals expanding their financial knowledge.

AccountingLingo intends to simplify finance by using easy-to-understand terms, several examples, and helpful illustrations.  When explained simply, accounting and other financial topics are easier to understand.

Knowing financial concepts well offers many benefits including how to maximize and grow income while minimizing expenses which are beneficial skills to have for organizations and individuals alike.

Besides being a higher income profession, having a better understanding of basic accounting concepts can be beneficial to anyone managing their own personal finances.

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If you are learning about accounting for the first time, I would suggest reviewing our basic accounting page.  It covers 5 important topics relating to finance and accounting.  In addition, it is a good general introduction or refresher for seasoned pros.

Questions & Comments

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