AccountingLingo is a site that makes learning finance easy via explaining topics in simple and easy-to-understand ways.

Learning finance-related topics can be confusing.  It can be frustrating and challenging at times.  We’re here to help.

Why Learn Accounting?

Accounting acts as the backbone of an organization’s entire financial recordkeeping system. Furthermore, it is a necessary field of business for companies, non-profits, and governments of all sizes.

The world needs accountants!

On average, there are over 136,000 openings for accountants or auditor positions annually within the United States alone.[1]

Accountants work in many areas of the economy including accounting firms, government agencies, private employers, or some choose to open their own accounting business.

Common professions within the accounting field include:

  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Financial Analysts
  • Controllers
  • Chief Financial Officers

Fortunately, these job types pay higher than average wages according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and Glassdoor.  In addition, these roles typically allow for much upward career mobility.


Learn finance from the ground up on AccountingLingo by reading through our introduction to accounting page.  It is a good overview and provides basic accounting fundamentals surrounding these 5 topics:

  • Why is Accounting Important?
  • What are Accounting Principles?
  • What are Financial Statements?
  • What is an Asset?
  • What are Liabilities?